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Dongguan Zhongyi CNC Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is the key town of China's hardware mold. It mainly serves factories or departments in electronic components, mechanical processing and manufacturing, mold manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, measurement and testing and other related fields, and provides professional services and sales of imported milling machines, grinding machines, CNC machining center accessories , consumables and industrial precision measuring instruments, for a long time, have won the praise and trust of our customers by virtue of years of on-site sales service experience and high-quality products provided by first-class sales personnel. All colleagues of our company would like to express their heartfelt thanks here, and continue to provide the following high-quality products while developing together with our customers:
[CNC cutter] Taiwan Anwei cutter, Taiwan Yiquan cutter, Taiwan weft crown, Taiwan Shibang cutter, Taiwan YAKEN cutter, plane milling cutter head, milling cutter rod, Er collet, 0z collet, powerful straight collet, BT numerical control tool handle, BT powerful tool handle, side fixed tool handle, BT drill collet, er wrench, er extension bar, integrated drill collet, tapping group of rotary arm drilling machine, Shibang precision hole enamel device, pull pin, spindle cleaning rod, z-axis setter, photoelectric edge finder, eccentric edge finder, ceramic edge finder, locking tool holder, three-dimensional measuring head, inner diameter turning tool Rod, outer diameter turning tool rod, high-speed oil way drill bit, tool carriage, tool sorting box



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